Friday, September 4, 2009

Hello, We're Fine and We've Moved!

Hello Blog Stalkers...


We're doing well, sorry it's been a while! I believe that it is a 'blogging break' record for me. As much as I love this blog {and you all} my house is thanking me because it's actually picked up, not clean, but picked up. Thank you for your thoughtful emails over the last few days, checking in, to make sure everything is ok.

In a very small nutshell...

  • Erika hasn't had her baby yet!
  • I've been making sock monkeys {pictured above and below} for Craft Hope, and encourge y'all to do the same! Follow that link!
  • I had wonderful day on Monday with two precious friends who came from Tallahassee with their babies.
  • I've been trying to choose exterior paint colors for my house, 7 quarts of paint later {and several consultations from gracious family, friends and neighbors} I've finally decided. A very big thank you to my SISTER for graciously running down her favorite paint colors for me.
  • We also spent a few hours with Hornet in the ER on Tuesday night.

After dinner the little rover climbed on the red children's chair in the kitchen and had a seat. He was looking so cute. I was loading the dishes when I glanced over to see that he thought it would be a good idea to stand on the chair. It wasn't a good idea. He immediately fell over off the chair and landed on his head. I was horrified and watched it all take place in a matter of seconds. I scooped him up and made sure he could move his arms and legs and then for about 10 minutes he just wasn't acting normal. He cried at first but then was acting confused, lethargic, wouldn't crawl and wouldn't be his typical "hornet"-self. I tried to be the calm, collected mother-that-I'm-not. And then came the pale skin and profuse vomiting and I decided that it may be more than a little bump to the head. Before I knew it I was on my way to the ER in the backseat of a friend's car with an eerily calm little boy, wrapped in a beach towel. It was quite convenient that our friend just so happened to call the ER doctor beforehand and was still in his own white coat, which helped us quickly bi-pass the swine flu-infested waiting area. The next thing I saw was the kind face of our pediatrician who met us there to treat him. They both stayed with us in the ER until we had the results of the CT Scan, which were negative for any head trauma or fractures. Praise the Lord! And, I must add, I didn't have my camera and they both teased me for not having it! Very rarely is it not handy! :)

So, the little rover is back to roving. He has a large bump on his head but seems to be doing fine. Justin and I both are so grateful that the little man didn't suffer any major trauma and for the selfless compassion of both friends. We stand amazed of both.


In other news, I've been busy working on a new blog. It's been a long time coming... like several months of behind the scenes work. I know just enough about computers, CSS, and HTML to cause a giant mess! But thankfully, I have not been alone in my new endeavor, I have had the gracious help of two others who actually know really well what they are doing! More on them a little later...

My new site is and I hope you will add it to your reader, blog list, etc. It is a new and improved site that will allow me to host my own documents and much more. This will also be the location where the new sponsors will be popping up in the next couple weeks. Thank you, to all the patient business owners who have been waiting for me to get my act together, this was the majority of the "hold up". This blog will remain here but I will no longer be posting here. If you have a link on your blog please be sure to update it with the new site's address.

Marla {photographer and question-answerer extraordinaire} will be there with all the answers to your questions in the next couple days! I've seen a few glimpses at her responses and I'm already thrilled with what I've learned!

And I will be there soon with pictures of my precious neice, I can't wait to get my hands and lips on her and eat her little face off! I'm so excited, I almost feel like I'm the one having the baby, minus the large belly, indigestion, and kicks to the bladder.