Monday, December 29, 2008

There are 31 days in January


This week's a wild one. I feel like I'm just coming up for air from Christmas and now I am planning, packing, cleaning, and shopping.

Planning:: all the details from travel arrangements to nanny services {insert 'makes me a tad nervous'} for our upcoming long-weekend getaway to Charleston, SC for a very SPECIAL wedding
Packing:: for myself, my husband and our nursing son
Cleaning:: because my husband who clearly didn't consult me scheduled for our house to be appraised on Wednesday
Shopping:: for my husband who tends to wear his dress clothes to the farm and stain 'em all up and shopping for myself who on any given day could be a contestant on "What Not to Wear". Thankfully, my dear sister, came to my rescue this past weekend. I must have tried on 150 different things. She picked the final wedding outfit... she says, "she loves it"... it seems to have a little sass but remember that is coming from a contestant on "What Not to Wear". We did have a final "pre-purchase" wardrobe assessment {via E's iPhone} from our favorite fashionista.

Now... January 2009 is right around the corner. My intentions for January are to take a "blog staycation". I'll be posting 1 picture a day and little to no text I'm really not sure how I'm going to do it because I'm quite a verbose person. I hope that each picture will somehow reflect and represent that day in our life and continue to give you a peek inside!

Speaking of a peek inside... not only did Erika help me shop this weekend, she also helped me hang the little man's curtains and she snapped some pretty special pictures of the girls. I hope that Erika knows how much she means to us. The girls adore her and so do we. She's giving of her time and money and we are so grateful. She patiently watched me try on a million different things, gave me honest opinions, and paid Annie to keep the kids so we could go at it alone. Then we returned home exhausted and she helped me hang his curtains... which was no small task. Thank you, Sister! I love you so very much and can't wait for our upcoming weekend together.

I'll leave you with a little of her handiwork {with the camera and design}... Happy New Year! See y'all January 1.

Two's Company

JMs room 2

Peter Rabbitt

JMs room 1


Courtney said...

The curtains look fabulous, the girls adorable, and you're going to look stunning! Can't wait to see pics of you all dressed up -- you'd better send pics! Have a ball and enjoy your little vacation. It's much deserved for both you and E!

xx "favorite fashionista"

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Aren't sisters great? Have fun!

andi said...

Oh Darby! I love it!!!!! I need to assess my blog time too. :) I might go to once a week, but really I am not one of few words either. :) Smart girl you are. So love the framed art. Can't wait for pictures. What fun you'll have. ENJOY!!!!! Looking forward to the pics!

Hillary Dunham said...

Love the curtains and the whole room! And I'm sure you're not a contestant for WNTW, yet. I'm a step or 4 closer than anyone I know.
And the girls are adorable. Don't you love matching clothes? I never thought I would- especially for my boys- but I DO!
Have a wonderful trip and good luck with your planning!

becky said...

just a picture with little or no words? ok, at least once a week you are gonna have to bust out a few paragraphs to catch us up. you will have so much fun this weekend. and i love how the curtains came out. that e (and you of course) is a smart little lady! your girls are looking too precious!!

Dianne said...

Love the drapery panels!!!!!!! I will miss your words but understand how valuable your time is. I often wonder how you do it all! Have a great trip.

Shireen said...

Have a GREAT trip, Darby!! :) I hope the rooming situation proves to be FUN! ;)

I told someone about our friendship just today and have a new appreciation for the blogging world! Love it! :)

Love y'all! I'm not sure how it'll be not having any text from you for the next month! Could be hard! I may be Stickler deprived by February!

erika said...

I should have photoshopped those pictures... or at least pulled the draperies to the same point before photographing them! I had a blast, wish I was still there... packing like a wild woman, I have waaay over-packed, glad we are driving! Can't wait for a very fun-filled weekend. Pack the car tomorrow so you can jump in and leave early Thursday morning.
We'll try not to have too much fun without you.
Kiss the girls for me... tell Raiger that Uncle Chance says hi.

akb228 said...

Love, love, love the curtains!!! Looking forward to seeing y'all all dressed up in your finest. Have a fabulous time.

Katie said...

Really - if anyone deserves a blog staycation, it's you! Please post a photo of the fabulousness that is your wedding attire! Oh and love the curtains & the art - too adorable!

megan said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of your holidays with us. I love the photos and the draperies. We look forward to hearing about your trip and the 'final choice'! I need Courtney to be my fashionista as well! Safe travels and Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Have fun in Charleston...What a great spot for a quick get-away!

John Martin's curtains are so sweet and the pics of the girls are adorable.

I like your picture idea and will look forward to seeing what's happening at the Stickler's in January!

nkp said...

You have a beautiful family and such a wonderful relationship with your sweet sister! Thanks for sharing those pics, the curtain fabric is adorable.

Lynn said...

Good idea with the picture a day thing! That was my goal last year, only my goal was to do it every day for a YEAR... I only made it through January. So just getting through January is a good goal!

Love the curtains!!

Susie said...

Hey Darby!
We live in Charleston! You are going to love your visit! Let me know if you need any restaurant or shopping recommendations.

Allyson said...

Have so much fun this weekend!! I'll be thinking about y'all. Yes, Katie is expecting #4 in June!! :)

Kellie Patton said...

Great curtains - LOVE that material! Have a great time in Charleston - I have never been either, but I'm sure it will be a blast! i sure will miss your wit, but come on, more than 1 picture please?????

No.35style said...

Cute curtains! Enjoy your trip to Charleston. I've never been but would love to go!

Mandy said...

Bummed about the no words for a month...but I like a challenge...his room is precious...I love the curtains and the print! Sounds like you have a lot going on...WHEW! I live in Mt. Pleasant (5 miles from downtown Charleston) and use some really good babysitters...I don't know what you have in mind, but they are good and flexible if you get there and you aren't comfortable with your arrangements...e-mail me at and I can see what I can do to help! Have a fun, safe trip...the weather is suppose to be beautiful!

pve design said...

Listen, if you ever have a SISTER AUCTION, I would be the 1st to bid. She is so lucky to have you. Love the curtains, the room, the photos and also being a mom to twin sons.
I have "3" sisters, but hey, another 2 would add to the sisterhood.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I Love Love Love your blog and Urban Grace as well.. What is the wall color?!?!? !!

Trisha said...

Is that a puff chair? I've been looking for one in that color fabric...where did you get it?
Thanks! :)

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