Friday, May 16, 2008

3-tierd Skirt Tutorial & Floor Chairs

Just a quick post to answer a few questions...

I originally made Morgan's tierd skirt using this tutorial... it includes a "formula" which can be used to make a tierd skirt for a person of any size or age. However, I've yet to try one for an adult. If you'd like my own personal pattern (which would work for a girl between the ages of 2 1/2 & 4 (maybe even 5) here ya go:

Using 12" of fabric & 3/4" elastic (usually between 18"-21"-- depending on your child's waistline)

Cut (or tear-- see info below on tearing fabric) the top tier 4" deep by 27 1/2" long

Cut the middle tier 4" deep by 37 1/2" long

Cut the bottom tier 4" deep by 46" long (or 44" if your fabric is just 44"-- either way it's wide enough for them to walk in)

Just a reminder you should cut your 4" strips from selvage to selvage (not down the length of the fabric but across the width)

TEARING FABRIC: Most fabrics will tear and tearing fabric ensures a perfectly straight line (just make sure to test it first before you start tearing... if it doesn't tear straight you'd be up a creek). To tear fabric (that's tearable) cut a 1" snip (making sure you cut through the selvage and then tear away.

Step 1: Take the bottom tier of fabric and sew 2 gathering stitches along the top of it. Gathering stitches are straight stitches that are longer in length... on my machine a normal stitch length is 2.5 and I bump it up to 6 (I unfortunately don't know what either of those numbers mean though). Sew one gathering stitch 1/4" from the top and the next one 1/2" from the top. Then holding on to the bobbin thread of each of these stitches cinch the fabric up until it is gathered to the width of the middle tier. Even out the gathered fabric so your "ruffles" are even across the width of the fabric and pin it to the middle tier with right sides together. Sew (or serge if you have a serger) the two tiers together between the 2 gathering stitches. If you don't have a serger: once you sew the two tiers together go back and zig-zag along the raw edges fabric just beside the straight stitch you just sewed... this will keep the fabric from unraveling.

Step 2: Take the middle tier and sew 2 gathering stitches along the top of it. Gather it to the width of the top tier. With right sides together sew (or serge) the top tier to the middle tier. If you don't serge it go back and zig zag along the raw edges.

Step 3: With right sides together pin & sew the back seam of the skirt. (Once again zig-zag the raw edge.)

Step 4: At this point you can determine if the length is appropriate for your daughter/granddaughter, etc and if you need to adjust the length you can do so in the hem. Fold under the hem (bottom tier) two times and hem.

Step 5: If the skirt is still too long you can also adjust the length by making your casing for the elastic at the top larger. At the top of the skirt fold under (towards the inside of the skirt) 1/4" and then again the width of your elastic + a 1/4" or so. Sew a straight stitch 1/8" from the top of the skirt all the way around. Then sew another straight stitch below it (the distance apart of these two will depend on the width of your elastic) leaving a 1" opening to insert your elastic. Measure your child's waist and cut the elastic 1" smaller than their waist. Using a safety pin on the end of your elastic feed your elastic through the waistband casing (making sure not to let go of the end while you feed it through). Sew the elastic together once you've fed it all the way through. And close up the 1" opening at the bottom of the casing. VOILA! You're done! :) (Let me know if you need pictures to accompany and I'll snap some to add to the instructions next time I make one!?)

The floor chairs in these pictures came from Target.... of course they don't have them any more but they have these that are kinda similar. But mine were a LOT less & fold completely flat. I think I bought everyone I could find in Tallahassee and sent Erika to her Target for 6 more. I think I have 10 of them! (they were $3.07 on clearance!). They're great for kids and for mom's who want to sit on the side of the pool (and not snag their bathing suits). They have 3 or 4 reclining positions and lay completely flat. I have 'em in pink, green and navy. They were out at Target around "Back to School" season--- probably in the "dorm room" section, do y'all know what I'm talking about? The best part is they lay completely flat and store on the top shelf of the closet!


The LaBouffs said...

I LOVE all your tutorials :) It makes me feel like even I can sew! I've been wanting to but don't really know where to start! Thanks for sharing. I just might try making this skirt....

Dena said...

Ok - I am OVER your tutorials - lucky for you we don't have any skirts or I would be drivin down to beat you up! hahahahahaha!

Tegan said...

You are so darn creative! I don't have any girls to make skirts for or lacy socks for that matter...maybe one day! How's baby Kevin (just kidding)? Isn't that what Paige named him? You're such a great Momma! Thanks for the tutorial...maybe one day I'll use it!

LeslieW. said...

Dude that is cute, but kinda looks like a lot of work. It must be easier than it looks since a mom of 2 can find the time! I'm working on some bishops right now, thats about all I have time for. I can make about 8-10 per year. About one per girl, per season. I wish I had more time for sewing....Dena doesn't though! ;)

Ashleigh Thompson said...

You are the Bionic Woman!! How do you do all of this?? I can barely get mine dressed and fed daily :O Enjoy reading!

Cary said...

Love the skirt! I think I will try making one for my neice - don't think my son will look good in one! Next time you make one - could you take pics and publish? I need skirt making for dummies. Your girls are soooo cute!!

Ashley said...

i just wanted to post something about your little swimmers! I'll have to go back and read all your tutorials if I ever have a girl, but in the mean time-WAY TO GO, Morgan and Paige!! That makes my heart happy to see those girls love that water like that!! Can't beat a good swim instructor!!! I'm so proud of them!!! Can't imagine how you feel!

Julie Wolfe said...

I finally made one! Tutorial worked great although I wasn't able to tear the fabric straight. Maybe it's not quality fabrice or something. It's kind of a seersucker, so that could've been it too. Anyways, I'll be making more of these. Thanks!

Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

Cool! Are there photos of your tut on the tiered skirt?

Any ideas on adding beads to a sock?