Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have We Lost Our Ever-Living Minds?

DaddyBoy is having a birthday on Friday. So, in his honor we have lost our minds. I'm sure it will be good blogging material but in the process I may go bonkers {or lose the wonderful relationship I have with my sister & her husband... who have NO children}. Just to give you a little hint here's what is coming up later this week (it involves the following)...

2 dogs
Chance & Morgan

Justin's mother's suburban

{no, this is not actually hers... hers doesn't have the pimped rims}

Justin & Raiger


4 week-old John Martin


{which Chance has already mentioned that he wishes JM was still in utero}


{who will be making this face the whole 12 hour trip... can we get her some Xanax PLEASE?}

Oh and we're pulling one of these... {b/c DaddyBoy wants to borrow it... apparently you can't find trailers in Illinois?}
So, yes that makes 7 human beings, 2 dogs, 1 trailer, Suburban and a 600+ mile road trip for the WEEKEND! Should be interesting! I'm already praying that John Martin will sleep the whole way! And that once we get there Erika and Chance will still speak to us!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A very BIG THANK YOU for all your encouraging words & support for my new shop! It's been a fun experience and I hope to add more goodies soon! Some in the form of squirrels & lions by special request!

In other news, the baby is getting fat and there are few things I love more than a fat baby {ok, slight exaggeration, there are a lot of things I love more but you know what I mean}! This isn't a great picture but my picture taking abilities have been somewhat challenged lately. He turned 4 weeks on Monday and he's getting to be a hefty little guy. I could eat his chubby cheeks & furrowed brow to pieces!

The house is screaming "PLEASE COME CLEAN ME!"

The laundry is screaming "PLEASE COME PUT ME AWAY!"

Today I have broken my very own rule of doing housework before blogging... so I better post quickly and get back to the grindstone!

ps- I just want to let y'all know what an encouragement you are to me. From the emails to the comments I truly feel blessed by this blogging community... can we call it that? I had so much fun on my "pretend trip" last week that my wheels are turning about another interactive post!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I did it.
I joined the BANDWAGON.
The bandwagon of stay-at-home mother's who need an outlet {or in this case to supplement the family income}.
It's called Happy Scraps.
I've been in my sweatshop every waking hour for the last 2 weeks putting these little things together.
I put a little "widget" over there too-------->

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just In Case...

any one tries to call... John Martin is napping. His sister { I'm not sure which} apparently was afraid he'd miss an important call during his nap. This is not the first time I've found the poor child adorned with random toys. I couldn't help but smile... life with kids is the best {today at least}!

Home Again, Home Again... Jiggity Jig!

Thanks to all you uber creative people who took me on one long, fun, wild ride yesterday! From crab eating in MD to wine tasting in Napa {and every place in between} I had a wonderful time on my vacation. I took a picture of myself smiling {which I did {smile-- not take pictures of myself} over and over again as I read the comments} in front of my computer to show y'all that I truly was enjoying my vacation. But after uploading the picture I couldn't get over how exhausted and old I looked... I guess birthing 3 kids and no sleep can wreak havoc on a girls face {& body}! It might be time to hit the patio {w/SPF of course} for a little sun.

I even printed off my excursion {all 11 pages of it} to read over and over again so that my daydream journey to play with all my friends can be relived again & again! If you didn't get a chance to look at where all I've been check out the comments. I had fun and I hope y'all did too! If I had a money tree {or a hybrid} I might even make my daydream come true! Thanks for playing, I love to see some creative juices flowing.

I hope y'all have a fun and safe weekend. I know a lot y'all probably read E's blog... but if you don't please keep a precious friend in your prayers this weekend. They're dealing with BIG STUFF and thankfully they trust that our God is BIGGER!

All the pictures above came from Flickr... from a very talented PixieGenne I may have a new hobby: decoupage! {Of course she BLOGS & ETSY's} Seriously, I've done some decoupage in my days and I do believe it's time to revisit it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can We Play Pretend, Please?

One year ago I was traveling north with my husband and 2 children to visit my parents farm and attend my cousin's wedding. I took the self-portrait above while swinging on the porch. Seeing as how we're not exactly in any state to be travelling {at least for a little while} I'd like to pretend. In my game of pretend I hope to not be the only player so please play with me {even the stalkers--- and you can be anonymous if you so choose so that no one will know who you are or where you live}. I'd like to pretend that I am getting ready to go on a vacation/road trip. I don't want to pay for anything but gas... so I'm going to come to your town and stay in your house {don't worry I won't stay more than a couple days, I promise. And don't worry if it is a mess... I'll feel right at home, trust me!}. What will we do when I get there? You can plan a little or you can plan a lot. Ok people, let's be creative!! You never know, you people may tickle my fancy so much that I really may come see you! If you live in my town or a town I previously have lived in {which I'd rather not broadcast... but some of you know} I'd still like to come stay with you too so please play along. And trust me there's no place I don't want to go... so please don't think your town/home is too boring for me!

I'll start packing now...

Eye Candy {x2}...

well at least to me...
These rather "vintage" patterns {along with about 12 others} were hand-delivered to me today {along with some very special words of encouragement} from the mother of a friend and I can't wait to use them... especially that "Simplicity: JIFFY" on the left!

Hope you all are having wonderful Wednesdays!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They're gone... so I'm off!

Wow, y'all have once again encouraged me by letting me know that I'm not the only one on the planet that occasionally can't stand disagrees with her husband! I have a feeling by the overwhelming response in the comments section that a lot of you stay at home mom's would like to trade roles w/ your hubby for a couple days! {Not that our husbands don't appreciate us... I'm certain if we attempted their jobs we'd gain much appreciation of them too!} I often wish I had a "typepad" blog because I'd like to respond to each of your comments individually... unfortunately blogger doesn't have such a feature so I don't know how to find 1/2 of you! Maybe I'll move... I've thought about it numerous times... especially since our name is plastered across our blog for any creep to come find us... it's not like we're the Smith's or something. Ok, now I'm just thinking out loud.

The girls are at Mother's Morning Out this morning and thankfully were taken there by their GiGi {aka Justin's mother} so I'm going to attempt to take John Martin on a few errands. It seems like it's been ages {really did I just say that.... it's not even been a year and half} since I had to haul around a baby car seat carrier... perhaps I'll put that new sling to good use!! I've had minimal sleep, a Diet Coke and a sleeve of Fig Newtons... I think I'm good to go! I want Erika to come visit me and bring her camera... I really thought my pictures were good... until I've seen hers. Erika, I will post no more pictures of the children until you come and see them in person {and take some pictures with your new mac-daddy camera}!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hydracodone + Blogging=...

I rationed out my pain killers and had one little pill left for a time such as this! And now that the painkiller is in my system I'm feeling up to a little blog post! I took a trip to Walmart by myself this afternoon... bought enough groceries for a small army and by the time I got home with my very large stash I was certain I would pass out from the pain. But rather than get in bed like I should have... I decided I'd stand in a hot kitchen and brown the 5 lbs of ground beef that I purchased and put it in the freezer for another day... by the time the browning was done... I was done. So, now in a drug-induced state I'll post about our weekend.

People always like to blog about how sweet and loving their husbands are. How come I've never read a post about fighting with your husband? Well, this may be a first! Honestly we had a rough start to the weekend and several harsh words were exchanged... nothing explicative in nature {although that has happened too, I've even thrown pizza on the floor} but words that aren't nice and hurtful. Even though no one ever blogs about fights with their husbands, I imagine most of y'all have them. If not, I think you might not be telling the truth. So, our weekend didn't start off too good. Thankfully we've reconciled and are on the same page now... praise the Lord! I really feel like there's not much a lower feeling than to be at odds with your husband. We seem to always argue over things that I imagine most of y'all argue over... time & money {or the lack thereof for both}. I think eventually we'll come to the realization that we are both doing the best we can and hopefully we are working towards recognizing each other's needs. I often feel like Paul when he says in Romans 7 "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." Thankfully we both realize the depth of our depravity {and if we don't recognize it we have each other to remind us of it... which my husband is extremely skilled in confessing other people's sin} which continually points us to our need of Savior. If you need help seeing your sin... just get married and ask your spouse; I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help you see your need for a Savior!

Saturday was pretty low key. Justin had to do some work stuff in the morning and again in the afternoon how dare him work on a Saturday, what is he thinking! Does he not love us and want to be here with us! Does he not think about me, I'm here everyday with these children, what about ME, ME, ME?! to provide for his newly expanded family. The girls played Play-doh {that a genius mother of 4 brought when she brought dinner last week!!} It's always so fun to see them be creative and then be so proud of the work that they have done.

Today we didn't make it to church but rather took it easy around the house this morning. A couple other families joined us for lunch & swimming and by the time all of this was said and done we had 3 children who were completely pooped out. The girls hit the sack and I hit Walmart. And well here I am now, in a hydracodone stupor blogging from my bed with John Martin who has just done a massive poopy explosion. This situation seems fairly familiar. I believe in his 2 short weeks on this planet I've been blogging with him in bed and it's all come to an end with a poopy explosion... off for diaper duty! By the way... this whole "outdoor plumbing" thing that boys have going on... is taking some MAJOR getting used to!! Good night!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

You People...

are SO nice & I want to be JUST LIKE YOU!

I just want to let y'all know how much I appreciate your emails, comments and ummm, yes, your gifts! I wrote "Benefits of Blogging: Take 1" with the premonition that a blog like this might follow.

Above my desk I have scribbled on a business card... "He died for me. This truth ALONE is reason enough to be grateful for the remainder of my days!" And while that truth not only sets me free but gives me great hope & joy I consider each of you a "cherry on top" to the fact that I have a Savior who died for me. Y'all are some super generous, caring, and compassionate people and if ever a blog could be used for His glory I hope this one is... because He certainly is using y'all to encourage me... through not only your thoughts {& words} but also your selfless actions!!!

Some of you thoughtful givers I know in real life... like my friend Katie in Tallahassee, who was in a couples Bible study with us! She's a friend that I've kept up with primarily through blogging and I love her heart. She and her hubs are devout Catholics and we went through a couple studies {one on the Gospel of John and a Covenant Study by Kay Arthur} together and I always valued their input from a perspective that I knew {and still know} little about. She sent me a package last week and in it was a little something for me... a pedicure at a local salon. Would y'all believe that I have never {in my LIFE} had a pedicure?! I've had a "polish change" but never a pedicure! I know I'm post-partum but it brought tears to my eyes! Talk about being excited! I can't wait. Not to mention she included lots of precious things for JM too!

And... then there's Shelli, who went to Auburn, but is a "couple" years ahead of me and I know we've met in real life but ask me when and where and I couldn't tell you either... probably sorority rush. Anyway, she's my email and blogging friend and I feel like I know her like I know my own sister {who in real life lives 5 mins from Shelli's sister}. She has 3 little ones and always sends me encouraging emails when I post. She also would be a great partner in crime at any discount store {ie. TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, IKEA} too bad we both have 3 kids and shopping trips for fun are few and far between {and I can't exactly speak for her, but I know for me I'd have to clean out the loose change that is collecting in my car "ash tray" to pay for my loot!}. Anyway, she sent us a precious care package a couple days ago... and in it was a "Bla Bla" for John Martin. Do y'all know about these things? I didn't until my friend Katie posted on them today! It's precious and his little eyes try so hard to focus on it's bright colors. She also included goodies for the girls & me!

And then last night the doorbell rang {again} and the kind UPS man left a package on my front steps... from: Eloise & Henry in Decatur, AL. My wheels started turning and I thought it must be from Jennie-Marie. She's one of those thoughtful givers you may have heard about on E's blog. She was a pledge sister of mine at Auburn and has blessed my children with the most precious things over the last 3 & 1/2 years. Well in the box were 2 bags {of the highest quality you've seen} from "Eloise & Henry" and the box smelled like heaven... yes, it smelled SOO good I could eat it {there was a grape scented sachet in there and the girls and I were drooling before we could even look inside the bags}.

The first one was for John Martin from Emma Hensley {the daughter of Jennie-Marie} and the second one was from Stephanie Gantt... the owner of "Eloise & Henry", a blog stalker that I have never met! Emma Hensley has the best taste and picked out the most beautiful outfit for John Martin and Stephanie has great taste herself and picked out a beautiful {and elegant} gown for me! Yes, I can sleep and nurse {yes, it's nursing-friendly and BEAUTIFUL!} in comfort & style and I cannot wait. Finally, I have something in my wardrobe that is just as soft as what is in John Martin's wardrobe... it ought to be that way if he's going to lay on me, right!?

The picture doesn't do it justice, but trust me they're both beautiful. They are made by Pixie Lily and I don't know what planet I've been on, but this is a brand I didn't know of! Oh my, both are heavenly and I can't wait to put my baby in his and me in mine!

I went for a 2 week check up yesterday and my doctor asked me if I had any post-partum blues. I told her that I had my "weepy" moments but that my mom had just left, I was recovering from major surgery, and I had 3 very young children at home... I mean who wouldn't be a little "weepy", right!? She said all of this is perfectly normal and she thinks I'm doing great! All I could think about was how encouraging all of YOU are to me! From the comments to the emails, you really do my heart good. I feel blessed beyond measure not only from my "blogging friends" but also those in "real life". My friend Tami not only brought us dinner this week but has had Morgan all day at the pool and came fully equipped this morning with Mylicon {because the fact that I thought John Martin was a good sleeper was short lived}. Another friend, Lindsey, brought us dinner and has offered numerous times to keep the girls at a moments notice. Andi also brought us dinner and has encouraged me so much because she's "been there and done that" with 3 little ones. One of Justin's best friend's mother has been here with blueberries, outfits and called me the morning my mother left and said she would do anything at all I needed... even the laundry! You've seen my piles... now that's a generous offer! Thanks, Janine!

This blog may take time away from "household duties" but I find it a complete blessing and honor to share my life with y'all and to read that most of y'all are going through the same things we are! Thanks for reading about the daily grind, praying for us and for showering us with so many blessings.

I really do think y'all are GREAT!! I know there's some country song about passing on the kindness that others show you to others {y'all help me here?} and I honestly have been so encouraged to do for others what you all have done for me!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hangin' In There!!

We're doing pretty good with Mom being gone. We all certainly miss her a ton and can't wait 'til she returns which will hopefully be SOONER than LATER. I still have moments of wondering how this is going work... but thankfully I do KNOW that it will... I just have those little thoughts that like to creep in and make me think otherwise! Mom is soooo good with the girls. She loves them like they are her own. She takes them out to the pool, plays with them, feeds them, and loves on them so well. I just hate that Illinois is so stinkin' far from Alabama. I am however so grateful that she's able and willing to help and willing to make such a long trek by herself. She's a champion if I've ever known one.

I didn't get my shower the other night like I said I was off to take. Instead I chose to watch the Raiger get her first haircut! She was such a big girl and did much better for Mom than for me. I had tried in the bathtub once and she screamed the whole time so I stopped. She has a new little bob and it matches her feisty little attitude just perfect. Mom always comes fully equipped with scissors, cape and all. Morgan got her haircut too but insisted that Mom just trim it because she still needed to "twirl" while she "sucks". Oh the child! She's the one that could really use a "bob" with the haircut she gave herself.

The girls are at "school" this morning and John Martin is sleeping soundly. I'm thoroughly enjoying a quiet house and have a few tricks up my sleeve. I hope that y'all are all doing well! Thanks for all your encouraging comments and prayers!

Here are more pictures from the last couple days...

Paige's First Haircut and the girls with John Martin!
I seriously started this post this morning.... now it's 4:46 and I'm just wrapping it up! Oh well... this must be a taste of life with 3!! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2 years

This baby turned 2 yesterday...
My other baby turned 2 weeks yesterday. Both had check-ups at the pediatrician's office. Both passed all exams with flying colors. Paige showed her true colors for the doctor by answering EVERY question with "NO" and a not so pleasant face. Thankfully our pediatrician is a mother of a 2 year old {& 4 year old & 6 year old} so she's been there and done that! :)

We celebrated with family & friends on Sunday night with the most delightful cake {thanks, Hannah! We copied!} made by 2 very sweet babysitters.
This is a very matter-of-fact blog post. I'm totally pooped out. Perhaps it is from the lack of sleep, a sore abdomen {from a recent allergy attack that has brought on too many sneezes to count... anyone who's ever had a c-section can sympathize w/sneezing after abdominal surgery}, 3 children 3 years old & under, and a mother who is travelling 600 miles to return home tomorrow morning have me at a loss for words. Y'all can pray for me! I think I can handle this. Certainly I can, right? We'll find out tomorrow. I wish Mom { & DaddyBoy} lived in our garage. I've offered numerous times, they might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. It's got a full bathroom in it... all it needs is a little AC and some "love" {surely Erika could come up with a killer renovation plan}.

Ok, off to shower it's been a couple days and with Mom leaving it could be 3 or 4 more... YIKES!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've always wanted one of these...

and now I have one and it makes me smile every time I see it! I was out watering my flowers yesterday morning when a passerby honked and yelled, "Congratulations!" out her car window and it made my heart swell!

I think these "little lambs" may be a "small town" thing. Not that our town is that small {we have a Target, 2 Kmarts, Lowes, Home Depot, etc--- don't you just love that I'm telling you how big our town is based on our retail options!? If I could only count our eating establishments you'd think I lived in Atlanta! People must really like to eat in this town because there are as many restaurants as there are people!} Anyway, most of the local churches put these out when members have babies. Every time I see them in front of a house I can't help but get excited and I tend to let my imagination run wild picturing all that's going on behind closed doors. I'm tickled to have a lamb of my own now! I hope he stays for a couple weeks!


A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who helped me identify my HIBISCUS {which is in the same family as the Confederate/Cotton Rose}. I believe what we have is the Disco Hibiscus and I'm glad to know what it is. I thought it looked just like a hibiscus, I just didn't know they came in white! Once the flowers fall the pods are behind them and FULL of little seeds so hopefully they'll come back in even a greater abundance next year!


We're doing well and adjusting to life with 3 little ones. John Martin is a sweet, sweet, sweet boy and has won all of our hearts! He nurses so well and sleeps really well and we are loving life with him outside the womb. I lay down next to him when he's all stretched out and am completely amazed that he came from my body, I seriously believe bearing a child is nothing short of a miracle! And I am forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to "house" him while he grew!

His "Mom" can't resist stealing sugar every time she sees him. I can't blame her, I'm a sugar stealer too! And well, his sisters and dad are all sugar stealers too! We all can't keep our lips off of him. Good thing it's not flu season!


Speaking of "Mom"... she's still here and has been a tremendous help! I told Justin I may have to hold her hostage and never let her leave. I am repaying her with a little "pool time" all on her own while the girls are at Mother's Morning Out... I know how gracious of me, huh? I wish I could offer her lots more, she most certainly deserves more than money could offer. The washing machine hasn't stopped since she got here. Every time I turn around she's walking through the house with a load of laundry. And if she's not carrying laundry she's loading or unloading the dishwasher, playing dress up or.... jumping rope. Yes, that's right. Morgan got a jump rope from her {Great} Aunt Diana and wanted to know how to use it... you better believe that "Mom's" not too cool to jump rope for her grand daughters. Unfortunately, Morgan's not quite coordinated enough to use it herself. In addition to jumping rope, she has been a huge help and the girls just love her. She takes them where they need to be, picks them up, and does everything else in between.

Thanks, Mom! We're really thankful that you are here. Please don't leave... ever!


John Martin's nursery is almost done... those curtains that were due to be delivered the day he was delivered were the wrong size! Argh! I was in a hurry and when Mom went to hang them she said, "Did you know you ordered 2 pairs rather than 2 panels!?" Stink-o-la! I cried pretty hard when she told me of my tragic mistake. Might have been a hormone induced reaction, but needless to say, I was pretty disappointed. Even more disappointed to know that the size I need has been discontinued. So, back to square one on the curtains and as soon as I get it all "dolled" up I'll snap some pictures and share!


I'm already starting to feel better. My c-section went much smoother this go around! (No walk in the park, but not as intense as last go around.) I think it has to do with my wonderful doctor, the sutures rather than staples, and the fact that the nerves were already damaged and scarred so the pain wasn't near as intense. I also have a renewed appreciation for nurses. I have some precious friends who are nurses and a handful who are "labor & delivery" and "mother & baby" and my hats off to y'all. My nurses were caring and compassionate women who I'm certain don't get paid enough for all they have to do. It's a challenging job with some not so fun tasks and all of my nurses handle themselves with such poise, professionalism, and compassion. I never had to beg or ask twice for pain medicine. They were understanding of my pain and I'm so thankful for each of them. So, to all you nurses out there... thank you for all you do!!


I've put a few more pictures from the last week here...

Week of July 7

Monday, July 7, 2008

Any gardeners out there!?

This is the only plant that was in our yard when we purchased our home last fall (but was already done blooming for the season)... and I can't seem to put my finger on it! In fact, I'm not even certain I've ever seen anything like it. The blooms are gorgeous but pretty much open up wide during the day and then they're spent. Gone! Just like that. Thankfully there is always another bloom (or two) the next morning. If anyone can tell me what this is I'd love to know! It stands about 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall!

Picture Pages, Picture Pages...

time to get your crayons and your pencils...

Well I have finally attempted to put together a Picasa page of pictures. I think I have it all figured out. Here's my 1st album and I will also provide a link to the pictures (by clicking on the smaller picture below the slideshow). I sure hope this works!

John Martin

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nappy Bag {by Amy Butler}

After attempting to be a super-hero yesterday I've decided not to get out of the bed today... so, I'll blog while I can.

My friend, Beki, over at Artsy-Craft Babe {who inspired me to make the Simplicity Dress} has also inspired me to give a bag pattern a try. She has a wonderful eye for fabrics and can make handbags that will make you drool. Check out her etsy site! If any guys read this, your wife would be smitten with you if you purchased her ANY of these!

Anyway, I decided my first attempt at a bag would only make sense if it was a diaper bag. As I've mentioned before I'm trying to work my way through the fabric pile that hides behind the closet doors of my sewing room. Buried in the pile were the curtains I made for our rental house... so, I decided I'd cut them apart and use that fabric for the Nappy Bag. Seeing as how the fabric is a soil-resistant outdoor fabric I thought it be perfect for a diaper bag. I bought the pattern from Henrietta's Handbags {which has FREE shipping-- always a bonus}.

Here are some pictures of the finished bag...

Here are my personal thoughts and changes I made to the pattern...

this is a LARGE bag {next time I'll probably make it much smaller}

the pattern is very easy to follow {why can't Amy Butler rewrite every pattern ever made}

this bag would be a great pattern for a beginner

the cell phone pocket is small {I made it bigger and it's still a tight squeeze for my phone}

I omitted the canvas the pattern calls for b/c both my outer fabric & lining were sturdy fabrics

I used a "fusible fleece interfacing" {by Pellon} which makes for nice "cushy & sturdy" pockets

I did NOT use interfacing on the cell phone pocket flap

I did not add the 2 add'l bottle pockets {we don't use bottles & 6 interior pockets were enough for me}

if you don't have a baby this bag would make a great pool, beach bag or travel bag

I wish it had some sort of closure so the bag would stay closed

Ok, y'all should try it! I may make another one and put little John Martin's initials on it.
**by the way, I made this PRE-BABY! I wish I could sit and sew but not quite "that" recovered yet!! But I'm flattered that y'all think I actually made this since arriving home from the hospital! **

Saturday, July 5, 2008

2 Sparklers & a little Firecracker

We had a very relaxing 4th of July and I can't think of anything I'd rather do than eat and spend time with my family! Justin's parents joined our family {including my parents} for a low country boil {thanks, DaddyBoy-- it was delightful} to celebrate Independence Day. I'm still not feeling great so it was nice to be in company of people who don't mind if you bail out to go get in bed.

We had an early morning appointment for John Martin at the pediatrician for a weight check. He was 7 lbs even when we were discharged and is now up to 7 lbs 4 oz... the pediatrician told us all they were concerned about was the baby "holding" the weight from discharge and anything over that is an added bonus... so we were proud of our 4 bonus ounces! He just had an explosion next to me so I'm sure we're back down to 7 lbs even now! :) He wore Justin's day gown when he was a babe to the doctor so we of course had to snap a couple pictures...

Justin won't like that picture {it appears as though he might still be sleeping and we both were wishing we were still in bed!} oh well! We returned home to a wonderful breakfast {thanks, DaddyBoy}. The girls, Justin, and Mom and DaddyBoy got some great pool time in this afternoon! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed them self! It was a tad too hot for me out there... even under an umbrella but I enjoyed my time observing... that is, until Paige headbutted me in the abdomen when I told her she couldn't see my "boo boo"... I know, "not Paiger!?"

Well time to change a poopy explosion! Good thing they don't stink yet!