Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Reformation Day!

Ok, so she's dressed for Halloween but... I decided to spice things up a bit and rather than say "Happy Halloween", which is rather cliche and very pagan in nature, I thought I'd get your wheels turnin' this morning and offer you a "Happy Reformation Day". So, do you know what it is? I must admit, I used to not know either. I had not ever celebrated Reformation Day prior to my precious time at Faith Pres in Anniston, AL. Reformation Day marks the day in 1517 when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg. At that time Luther was dissatisfied with the teachings and practices of the Catholic church, mainly the abuse of the practice of accepting indulgences (money in exchange for the pardon of sins). This prompted Martin Luther to argue that we are justified through faith in Christ, who paid all debts of all sinners in full by his ultimate sacrifice. Thus, starting the Protestant Reformation. Because I do have friends who are Catholic (who read this) it's only fair to mention that not only was the Protestant Reformation started, but also, the Catholic Reformation which focused on examining their theology, doctrine and having a personal relationship with Christ.

Moving right along to more shallow and less important issues... a few years ago (I think 4) we bought a chair. It was a chair that was kinda ugly. I knew it wasn't "cute" or "fun" when I bought it. But it was a good deal. And if you don't know me well but read this blog, you've probably learned that I am cheap. And since the chair was a good deal I bought it and made it work. I decided it was time for the chair to have a makeover. I love a before and after picture so I thought I'd show y'all an exciting transformation that can take place at an upholstery shop. Without further adieu here's the ugly chair before...

This is the best picture I could find... it's from our house in Tallahassee. The chair was covered in a fabric that was "atztec" in nature and faded hues of red, gold, and green. Not all that exciting. Well, with the help of my sister I found some outdoor fabric that is stain resistant and weather resistant (so if our new roof leaks the chair won't get wet). Anyway, one trip to upholstery shop, $150, and 5 short days later, the chair is covered in a cute navy blue and white trellis fabric (which I think is even pictured on E's website in yellow?) and adorned with some antique brass nail head trim. Pretty dramatic, huh?! It's a little loud but I love it and think it will be very nice in the family room!

I was so pleased with this chair that I made a run to the Highlands Antique Mall yesterday with my SIL (sister-in-law) and found a few more items in my favorite booth (which just so happens to be the cheapest)... and decided I couldn't pass them up!! I now have 2 (Thomasville) wing back chairs and a Chippendale sofa for my living room!! I may have to wait until next year to have them upholstered but at least I snagged them before anyone else did! Can't wait to show the afters... but for now, here are the befores!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Floors! Floors! Everywhere!

We had a great weekend here at home and had the pleasure of keeping our two nieces so that their "mommy & daddy" could go to Auburn to watch the Tigers win! Morgan and Paige love their cousins and the girls are welcome back anytime. Friday night I thoroughly enjoyed myself at "Girls Night Out" with 10 ladies from church! We had a wonderful dinner and watched The Devil Wears Prada. It was great to get out of the house and actually stay up late. If you know me well at all, you know I have a hard time staying awake past 9... you'll be delighted to know that I managed to stay awake during the whole movie! It was a very cute "girlie" flick! Here is a picture of my nieces. Paisely (left) and Penelope (aka "Nellie"). They were great house guests and only ate one smores granola bar! :)
The floors are all FINISHED and look fabulous! They're a little dusty as the dust seems to still be settling from all the grinding they had to do on the high parts of the slab. We are very pleased and they even cut us a huge deal! I'm not sure if they felt sorry for us after all the debating over whether or not to keep the terrazzo to save money or if it was just out of the kindness of their hearts! We do know it wasn't a mistake (Justin questioned him on the bill) and for that we are very grateful! They were super nice guys and very patient with us! Here are a few pictures! Now, we have to hop on getting all the shoe molding down and start crank on that kitchen... it will be time to move in before we know it!!

I knew he'd smile when they were all said and done!

Sewing room/Office... but the blue counters are going to go... I changed my mind

They are building a really small (8,000 sq ft) house next door... at least it won't be a bad view

A good decision to put wood in all 4 rooms!

And last but not least the rooms that caused us much grief! I'm very relieved to see the wood throughout!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

I just finished my 3rd Granny Kat's Pumpkin Roll and thought I'd offer you a little advice:

-Line your cookie sheet/baking pan with parchment paper... it makes it so easy!
-I did mine in a 16x12x1 cookie sheet. The batter doesn't spread all the way across the entire sheet... probably 4/5 of the way. But it doesn't melt all over the place so you can just spread it evenly across the pan even if it's not all the way to both ends... make sense?
-Wet your dishtowel completely under the sink and then wring it out really good. Don't soak it but don't just spritz it with water either!

Erika, I made one for you to take to the tailgate tomorrow... you girls think of me when you eat. How is that I always seem to miss out on these fun gatherings!?

Oh, and by the way, Lenzie, Graves, and Abby... I was just teasin' about your blogs! I hope y'all know I love to read what's going on in your lives and I imagine y'all all have much better things to do than update your blogs... 3x a day! :)

Top of the Morning to ya'!

I wasn't going to post this morning... but then I started thinking... I get so disappointed when I click on blogs that I enjoy reading to see the same (burrito {Lenzie}, kids sitting in a pumpkin patch {Graves}, new baby {Abby} ) over and over again. So, I thought, although I have nothing tremendously noteworthy to say this morning, at least you'd have something "new" to look at when you click on this blog! :) And for those of you who like to "stalk" I hope that gives you just tad bit of excitement this Friday morning!

Seeing as how fall is now in the air in LA (lower Alabama) I'm going to make my all-time favorite dessert this afternoon... Granny Kat's Pumpkin Roll. It's the same recipe I've used for years and always tastes DELICIOUS and is much easier to make than it looks! And always gets "oooos and ahh's" from a crowd. So, if you're looking for something festive, fun, pumpkin & cream cheese, I highly recommend this one! Mmmm!

We've had a productive week at the house and by the grace of God we are still married and sleeping in the same bed. It's been a rough one this week. That dad gum terrazzo will get you every time. As aforementioned in this blog, we discovered terrazzo as we peeled back (sounds so easy) our carpet, linoleum, and tile and thought we'd see what we could do with it. We went ahead and ordered the floors for the "great room" (kitchen & family room) because we had decided to put floors in there. I'm a little bit particular and like a seamless look and think floors should only change at thresholds. Well, last week we decided we'd at least clean the terrazzo and see what it looks like. I told Justin that if he spent all this time (4 days!) cleaning them, would he promise to not be upset if I still don't like the look and want wood?! Well, 4 days later, lots of sweat equity and long hours... unfortunately (for Justin), I still wasn't big on the terrazzo. Don't get me wrong... I think it could be really cool in the right location (sun porch etc). But seeing as how our house is more "traditional" I just couldn't find myself happy with it. It was only in the kitchen and den and the transitions into these 2 rooms were drastic and involved thresholds because the wood was higher than the terrazzo. The wood (wild pecan) looked so "finished" and "rich" and the terrazzo looked so "cold" and "unfinished". There's a big stone fireplace in this room and to me the wood would be more appropriate in this room. So, after much debate (thankfully not too heated) and great patience on behalf of our floor guys (who sat around looking at us yesterday as we tried to make up our minds) we decided to put the floors in the kitchen and family room too. It was a stressful decision and we could have saved a lot of money... however because the floors are tongue and grooved coming back later wouldn't be easy and would leave the floors with strange thresholds... where as now the look will be seamless.

For your viewing pleasure I'll attach a picture. I think you'll see what I mean about the rooms (which are open to one another) look drastically different and that the wood will look EXCELLENT throughout! :)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 posts in one day...

So, I just found on the Fox website that one couple learns that their unborn baby has Trisomy-18 and are facing whether or not to terminate the pregnancy. I'm assuming if any of y'all are regular stalkers of this blog that you have read some of Boothe & Conor's blog. I wish this couple could read the Farley's blog... I'm certain it would impact their decision.

Check this out...

I have a Fox News feed on my Google homepage and this morning I noticed a headline entitled, Exploring Abortion Through 3 Women's Right to Choose . I have a strong opinion on this subject and wondered what on earth they were going to say... in a nutshell there is going to be a program on this Saturday evening Oct. 27 at 9pm (EST-- that's 8 CST) on the Fox News Channel that follows 3 different women who are contemplating an abortion. The article doesn't say what their decisions are, rather, says to watch the show. Talk about a cliffhanger! We have basic cable television but I may have to find someone who gets Fox News on Saturday evening. Since Fox prides them self on being "fair and balanced" I'm hoping and praying that the message of the Gospel will somehow make it's way into this program and that women who are watching who are pregnant and contemplating an abortion will be informed of alternatives that would allow their children the chance of life.

Here are a few statistics that never cease to blow my mind and break my heart...

Abortion in the United States - Statistics

There have been over 48 million abortions since 1973.
The annual number of abortions went from 744,600 in the first year of legalization, to a high of over 1.6 million in 1990. In 2003, there were 1,287,000.
There were over 3,500 abortions per day in 2003, 146 per hour, about one every 25 seconds.
For every 1,000 live births, there were 312 abortions in 2003.
There were more that 148,000 second and third trimester abortions in 2003.
In 2003, more children died from abortion than Americans died in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars combined.
A 2004 survey of women seeking abortions indicated that only about 7% of women cited typical “hard cases” (rape, incest, or some health concern with either the baby or the mother) as the primary reason they were seeking abortion.
An April 2004 Zogby Poll found that 56% of respondents support legal abortion in only three or fewer circumstances: when the pregnancy results from rape or incest, or when it threatens the life of the mother.
At an average cost of $372, the abortion business is a $400 million a year industry.
Nearly half of all abortions are obtained by women who have already had at least one abortion.

I hope these stats (that are from the CDC and posted on the National Right to Life website) will tug at your heart like they have mine.

Just something to think about...

To Terrazzo or Not To Terrazzo!?

Terrazzo floors that Justin is trying to unearth

We were thrilled to find lovely terrazzo floors beneath the carpet, linoleum, and tile in the kitchen/great room... however, cleaning and restoring them has been a challenge. A challenge that we keep going back and forth on; do we do it or not (I should actually say, should Justin do it or not)? According to my research these terrazzo floors are quite a luxury and if we wanted to have them installed (if we could even find someone to do it) we'd be looking at about $50 to $60 a foot! The only thing that I can compare them to is Zodiaq Quartz. I took this picture this morning after Justin spent several hours on a orbital sander trying to sand off all the tile grout and linoleum glue. I know they can be beautiful... the question is... can we get them there? I'm hoping that we can. The wood floor guys have assured me that the thresholds into the other rooms of wood will be smooth but I still am having a hard time picturing the transition from this to wood... especially when there are 4 entrances into these rooms. Thankfully my very talented sister seems to think they will be PRACTICAL and BEAUTIFUL. I'm hoping she's right. We've already purchased all the wood flooring for these 2 rooms and thankfully the supplier said they would return it all for us. So, we'll see how the restoration process goes. The good thing is that we can save a TON of money by doing this! Justin's over there now... buffing away at the grime on top of them. The electrician is still there today and I'm scared to death to see the bill... I feel like he's been there a week.

I also wanted y'all to meet Carol, she's Paige's new baby. She hasn't been without her for a couple days now and I'm starting to feel like the mother of 3. Thankfully I didn't have to give birth to Carol (although she's rather small and probably wouldn't be hard to birth). I find it so amusing that a 15 month old has a baby doll. Morgan has never been attached to a doll or blanket so this is throwing me off. I tried to leave Carol here when the Raiger and I went to get Morgan from school and she threw a fit so Carol came with.
Ok, I'm off for now! Happy Tuesday!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Great Weekend

The girls snuggling tonight when we got home... (Morgan with "Peter Cottontail" and Raiger with "Annabel")

It's Sunday night and the girls are in bed and have been since 7:30 (why don't we do this every night!?). Justin's watching baseball and I'm on his laptop uploading pictures and wondering how it works because it's all wireless. Technology blows my mind.

Anyway, we're home and had so much fun at the beach. I always consider myself blessed to have in-laws that are selfless, giving and gracious. They have taken us on many trips and treated us to many luxuries that we otherwise would never be able to do and for that I am so grateful. This weekend was one of those weekends that Justin and I would only have dreamt about. We stayed at the Grand Sandestin Hotel in Baytowne Village and it was absolutely wonderful. We dropped the girls off with Erika and Chance on Friday evening (another luxury) and headed straight to the restaurant where the party was to happen. Dave was very surprised and rightly so. Somehow Jennifer managed to pull off a HUGE surprise and there were around 90 people there to help celebrate... some from as far as San Diego. We had the entire second floor and it was a fun and festive atmosphere. With full intentions of making the most of my time with my husband without children I decided it would be fun to partake in a glass of Chardonnay from the open bar. This proved what an absolute weeny I am. I feel like I've been breastfeeding or pregnant for the last 4 years and should have realized that a glass of wine when you're starving and it's past your bedtime is probably not a great idea! Next time I'll have dinner then the wine! (And Robin, perhaps I'll have to try yours from a box!)

Saturday morning we picked up the girls from E and Chance's. They of course spoiled them rotten with a trip to Pizza By the Sea for pizza and then took them to get new books & a new rabbit. Morgan hasn't put Peter Cottontail down since she got him. In fact, tonight I heard her in Paige's room and I walked in to find her in Paige's crib with a book and she had the rabbit covered with a blanket and she explained, "Shhh... Mommy, I'm reading to Peter Cottontail... he's so tired!" I couldn't resist a picture so I ran to get the camera and then when I managed to find it and get back in there this is where I found her...

She managed to make her way to the top of Paige's changing table and she said, "Shhh Mommy! I'm trying to concentrate on changing Peter Cottontail's diaper... he has a big poopy!" She had wipes and diapers and the whole 9 yards. It's been a big night full of lots of pretending and make believe... I love it all and just watch waiting for what will be said next!

Anyway, we picked the girls up Saturday morning and went to visit with some close friends from Anniston that were at the beach on vacation. We had such a wonderful and formative year while we were in Anniston that the friends we made there will be our friends for life. It was great to see Morgan playing with her friend Ava that she hasn't seen in over a year. And we loved meeting their new precious angel, Annie Benton!

We made a stop in Seaside for lunch on our way back to Baytowne. We somehow spent the rest of Saturday afternoon trying to get the girls to take a nap at the hotel. It sure is challenging to travel with kids... new rooms and strange beds and an exciting new hotel with a huge pool makes nap time almost impossible... which we finally gave up on by dinner time Saturday. We joined up with Justin's parents and brother (Ryan) and his family and spent a wonderful evening at Hammerheads. The kids got to join in with the band and they all got to sing "House" on "Brick House"! I felt like I was at an Auburn band party. And I was hoping Morgan would not start singing "She's a brick.... house" Thankfully she only picked up on her line "house"!

Justin watched the game last night and I couldn't keep my eyes open... I fell asleep and when I woke up in the middle of the night he informed me that we lost and I was thankful that I didn't force my eyes to stay open to watch my Tigers lose. We stopped by Erika and Chance's again this morning on our way out of town. Her new office looks awesome and I'm hoping she'll post some pictures of it soon on her blog. She has such talent and it comes so natural for her. She's like my in-law's; always willing to give of herself for me and others! Thanks sister!! We love you (and Chance) thanks for babysitting Morgan and the "woman". And sorry Paige kept you up through the night... did my girls set the baby calendar back even further? I hope not!!

Click here for more pictures from this weekend.

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Friday, October 19, 2007


We're all ready to come see you! Morgan has packed a bag of all her essentials... books & blankets. I'm not sure why kids can't look normal for pictures. The first picture I told Paige to open her eyes (@ least she can obey a command). The second picture I told Morgan to open her eyes (she too can obey a command)!

Caroline, you can click here to get to E's blog. But the address is...

We're heading out this afternoon for a fun filled 50th birthday party for my brother-in-law (that's right 50th... not a typo) at the beach. It's a surprise but I'm about 100% sure he doesn't read my blog so I think I'm safe. The whole Stickler family will be there and it should be a great time. Chance and Erika have graciously offered to keep the girls tonight. Morgan is thrilled and Erika will be wiped out by tomorrow morning!

The family was doing well this morning, considering their circumstances. The boys are being discharged today. So please please please pray for them... going home will be very difficult without their mother.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random Stuff

I'll start tonight with an explanation of this picture. This is the Raiger (I'm starting to fear that her name may "stick", well at least I've never met another "Raiger"). She is my youngest daughter and she is 15 months old. This is the part of the blog where I once again add the "I'm her mom" disclaimer. In case you didn't know, my Raiger is the smartest, cutest, sweetest, most hilarious 15 month old child on the the whole EARTH! And if you want to know about the smartest, cutest, sweetest, most hilarious 2 year old on the planet--- I can go there too! But back to the Raiger... she will only eat her meals using a fork. Because we live in a crazy world (filled with crazy people who like to sue companies that make children's forks with sharp points) finding a fork for a child that is actually sharp enough to "stab" a piece of food is nearly impossible. So, being the resourceful mother that I am, found a sharp "baby size" fork intended to be stabbed in the end of an ear of corn and then lathered in butter. She loves it and won't eat without it! Meal time with this one makes me laugh! Shelli... she and AR could be sisters in their headbands!

Well as you can see by my lame title "Random Stuff" I'll switch gears entirely and fill you in on my friend Chris. It's been a while since I've updated you so here's the latest in a nutshell: he started chemo today (48 hour dose in hospital--- please pray), tomorrow is his 30th birthday (Happy Birthday, Chris!), the surgery was a success (with only one minor setback (infection in leg)), he's doing chemo at home to be near his family (answered prayer), he sounds great and looks great (answered prayer), and he's engaged (answered prayer--- I really LOVE his fiance-- she's as sweet as they come, loves the Lord, and is a Tiger Fan!) Wow... lots is happening in his life! I know he'd appreciate your prayers!!

Also for those of you who are late night bloggers... I'm taking breakfast to the hospital tomorrow for the family (and the extended family they have in town) in our Sunday school class who was involved in the car accident. Not sure what that will entail as far as seeing the boys and Cliff or not, but I'd love your prayers for the right words (not sure there are any now) and I'd also love for y'all to continue to pray for these folks. The boys are doing better and are out of ICU. Extended family has arrived and I imagine they are all feeling overwhelmed with what is before them still.

We've had a good week! Justin has been working hard on the new house and the electrician has been there the last 2 days. The floor guys have yet to show (which isn't necessarily bad-- due to the fact that we're not quite done painting--- believe it or not!) and the cabinets in the kitchen are going to need a little extra TLC from a cabinet expert. A few minor setbacks, but we're still seeing progress so that is good! The fluorescent light is down in kitchen and the other awful chandelier in kitchen is down and the recessed lights are in in the den and kitchen. What a difference a little light will make! My pendants are in over the bar and things are coming together. The gas company is going to run gas to the house for us... which is great.... but means no propane so I'm not able to justify those gorgeous gas lanterns... maybe one day! Justin has worked his tail off (Morgan loves this saying and always says, "people don't have tails!") painting every square inch of this house. I'm glad it's the 5th house I've convinced him to paint... the first one took so much convincing and he's finally starting to trust me. He's also on the couch now watch baseball and talking to himself... or maybe he thinks I'm listening! :)

Well it's getting late and I'm pooped. I hope that you all are doing well... anyone try any of my favorite products yet? Mom called from Walmart yesterday and wanted to know if I thought she would be "Light/Medium" or "Medium" in the Smart Shade make-up... it made my day! :) I love you Mom! Too bad some blog stalker broke into my house and stole my Smart Shade make-up... that's for you Sister! Just wait 'til you have 2 kids and no sleep... you might start to process your thoughts the way I process mine... oh dear! Ok, I'll share what I'm talking about... ironically, the day after I posted my list of "favorites" my Smart Shade make-up went missing... I made the mistake of asking Sister if she thought someone who read the blog came to my house and stole it. It's ok for you to laugh out loud now. You know I drink that poison stuff and it really kills my brain cells. Erika said, "Darby, you have got to be kidding me. Do you really think someone broke into your house to get your make-up!?" Now that I hear myself say it, that does sound pretty ridiculous. I'm laughing so hard right now that Justin just checked on me because he thought I was crying... I've been known to do that in front of the computer screen too. Erika has a blog now so I'm up against some tough competition. The only difference is that you'll be able to afford the products that I promote... you'll have to take out a second mortgage for hers! And my kids are cuter than hers.... and don't bark as much!

Time for bed! And if anyone did steal my make-up... I'd like it back. Even though I've already replaced it! You can never have too much of a good thing!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

War Eagle Girls!

This will have to be a quick one, as my youngest War Eagle Girl is stirring. I just wanted to give a little "War Eagle" to all my Auburn fans! :) How appropriate that football is on in the background! Life is good here on the ranch! Morgan is off of "school" this week for "Fall Break" and we'll be spending lots of time at the park! We're looking forward to visiting with MommaSis and Uncle Chance this weekend!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Update on Barnes family

Hey folks,
Please continue to pray for this family. The dad (Cliff, who sustained injuries himself (broken arm and lacerations) but was released shortly after he arrived at the hospital) has graciously been given a room at the hospital to stay while his children recover from their internal injuries and they are providing his meals. The boys are both in stable condition in ICU and are expected to fully recover from the internal lacerations they sustained from the wreck. This morning around 11 Cliff informed the boys of their mother's passing. Please continue to pray for this family as they are going through such an incredibly difficult time. People from our church have been with Cliff around the clock. Angela's (the wife) mother is due to fly in later this afternoon and Cliff's family will be arriving in a day or two. The boys are expected to be hospitalized for up to a week. Our church and others are able to meet their physical needs, please pray that our Father will meet their emotional and spiritual needs through this time. I will do my best to keep you updated!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THEM!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prayer Request

It's Sunday evening and Justin and I just learned that a couple who sat behind us in Sunday school this morning were involved in a very bad car accident on their way home from church. Their van was hit head on by another vehicle. The mother, Angela (30), was killed instantly. The dad has been released from the hospital and the 2 boys (8 & 3) remain in ICU at the hospital. Please pray for this family. They have been visiting our church for several weeks now. Click here for more info on the wreck. It may take a minute to load, there are several pictures. The family is stationed at Ft. Rucker and do not have any family in Dothan. Please, please, please pray for this family!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun for Friday!

I've been thinking about doing this post for a couple weeks now and I thought there was no better day than a Friday! Especially a Friday when you wake up and it's actually COLD outside (which makes me really happy)!! I do believe Fall is finally on it's way! The nice thing about a blog is that it belongs to me so I can do whatever I want! And I guess you can choose to read or not read... but I hope you'll read because this ones going to be GREAT! Anyway, I've put together a little list of a few of my favorite things that I wish someone had told me about many months ago... so being the responsible blogger that I am... I am going to share these lovely products with y'all! And even though I can't offer each of you a "satisfaction guaranteed" warranty on all of these, I can tell you that I love them and think they are all wonderful! :) So, for what it's worth... in no particular order... here are some of my favorite things:

This first product I learned about 4 months ago and now wonder if I'll ever go without it. I'm not a fan of makeup, in fact, I only apply make up on Sunday mornings. However, this is one "make-up product" I rely on daily. It is a creamy white when you squeeze it out and it rubs in to a beautiful color that blends wonderfully with your skin color and it's SPF 15! It's good for covering those things on my face that Morgan calls "lines". I've also been known to mix it with my face moisturizer (Cetaphil) and it just makes me happy!

Ok, so this isn't exactly a product but it's one of my favorite things... Cottage Living Magazine! If I was only allowed to have one magazine this would be it. I could read every issue cover to cover and then read it again! It's worth every cent of the subscription fee and when I find it in my mailbox it makes me happy!

Next.... this is where my addiction confession comes in. If you enjoy drinking "poison" like I do... have you tried the smaller doses of "poison"? These little cans are so much better for you than their 12 oz counterpart. (This is where my wonderful logic comes in again!) I can drink one of these guys and not feel the guilt of drinking their bigger sister! For those of you who are money savvy (and pay for your groceries with bags of change!:)) are probably wondering if I know that these little guys cost more per ounce than the big sister... I do! This is where my logic kicks in and I pay more for less in this instance. Less caffeine, less poison, still DC.... these little cans make me happy!

This Aquaphor is one of those products where I have to throw my "cheapness" out the window. It's a little pricey but can be bought in "CVS brand" for a lot less and the product is just as good. I have about 3 of these little tubs floating around my house. I attribute the fact that neither of the girls have ever had a diaper rash to this stuff!! If their buns start to look a little pink, I dry them off really good and smother this ointment all over them... and voila it takes the pink away and no diaper rash ever comes!! It's BETTER than any diaper rash cream/ointment in the world!! I PROMISE! It also comes in little squeeze tubes and is great for chapped lips! This stuff makes me happy!

Moving right along to clothing and shoes. Old Navy in general makes me really happy. It's cheap and cute and what more could you want? I bought these little satin slippers on the clearance rack after our pacis burnt up on the stove. I bought them in red and black and love them both! They're satin so they are cute to dress up a pair of jeans. I'm definitely not very "fashion savvy" but I think my sister would even approve of these! Oh, and I forgot to mention the price $9.97! These shoes and the Old Navy clearance racks make me happy!

I know exactly what you are thinking... (especially my friend Anne who is a cleaning supply guru) "Oh no, she's caved in and bought the cheapest detergent on the shelf... Purex is crap!" I don't blame you for thinking this... I used to buy Purex before I had kids but then I realized it didn't really work and it didn't really smell good. Well, last week at Walmart it called my name from the shelf and begged me for a 2nd chance! Being the gracious housewife that I am, I decided to give it a second chance, it did, after all, say "Ultra Concentrated". And guess what.... I LOVE THIS STUFF! I have a front loader washer and have to be very careful about using products that aren't HE (High Efficiency) but this "Ultra Concentrated" stuff works great and SMELLS so good! I bought the Linens & Lilies and it smells so fresh and crisp, but not overbearing! And for those of you who are "environmentally sound" this detergent is ALL NATURAL! This stuff makes me happy!

Sorry for the tiny picture! Best I could do on "google". This is my Keurig Coffee Maker that I am in love with! This little guy is a little pricey ($99 at Target) and I can't say that I would have ever splurged and bought it... but that's what sisters without kids do for sisters who live in gross rental houses and have 2 kids! (Thanks, E!) Anyway, Christmas is coming soon and I thought maybe you all could ask Santa to bring this down the chimney and stuff it in your stocking! Here are a few things I LOVE about it! 1) Fill it with H20 1x a week. 2) It brews one cup at a time. 3) The filter is contained in the "K cup" and you toss it in the trash after you brew your cup. 4)No POT to clean everyday. 5)For those of you who are cheap like me... you can buy a refillable "personal" K-cup that you can refill and clean out after each brew.... but the point of this machine is that it's easy and that makes coffee brewing a little more difficult than it's supposed to be with the Keurig! This makes me happy... every morning!

Ok, so this man is named Fernando Ortega.... some of you may know him (not personally) but you may have heard of his music, others may not have a clue who he is or what he does! But I will tell you this, he makes me very happy! He takes hymns and "redoes" them (that's what people who aren't musically inclined write-- I'm sure there's a better term). My current favorite by Ortega is "There is Power in the Blood" from his "Shadow of Your Wings" album, I can crank it up really loud and put the windows down and get lost in it.... it's fantastic and so is he, and I can't think of anything better to get lost in on a beautiful day! So, I think on this lovely Friday, I'll be playing this album cranked up with my windows cranked down! Can you see me now?!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Autoplay is off!

Since I am a fan of honesty and transparency, I have nothing but thanks to offer Mr. Chilly who informed me that the music that automatically comes on when you visit our blog was not his favorite aspect of the Stickler blog... and I have to admit that it was making me crazy too! He just helped me confirm that it's time to turn "autoplay" off! You know it's bad when you keep YOUR OWN computer on MUTE because the music YOU have selected to play on YOUR OWN blog makes you want to throw your computer through the window... so, autoplay off it is... if you are interested in the music, it's over there and you can click on it! :)


I love popcorn! Especially when it's hot and buttered... however, I hate popcorn on my ceilings... so can you guess what I've been doing??

That's right... getting my scrape on! Well, as I mentioned earlier I was hoping this would be a very productive week... floors, gas, & granite! Well, the gas guys said they wouldn't run the gas to the house and the fact that it's JUST for a range didn't help my case at all! The good news is that there's always PROPANE! So, now rather than NG we're getting LP! For those of you not up with the flammable ignitors (not sure this is a word)... that would be natural gas and liquid propane! I have to admit, I'm not terribly upset about getting propane... they fill a tank and bury it (don't worry, it's not bad for the environment!) and so with the messed up logic that I have, I think "Great... one time fee... you fill it and forget about it! And how much propane do you really use on the stove?!" So, now I'll just have to get those beautiful GAS (I mean PROPANE) LANTERNS that I've been wanting for the front of the house! Well, maybe not now, as the budget is dwindling... but maybe next year!

Back to the popcorn... The floor guys informed Justin yesterday that they would be starting TODAY! Which is very exciting... unless you have popcorn on your ceiling that you would like to get off before the floors are installed! First, I will say that my husband is a trooper. He was not on board on scraping the ceilings but somehow managed to bite his tongue and let me insist on this last minute project. So, my wonderful MIL comes to watch the girls and I run to Home Depot for a pump sprayer (the kind you kill weeds with) and the biggest scraper you've ever seen. I got to the house and jumped on the ladder to attack that popcorn, as I knew the time would pass very quickly! I began by spraying a small section with warm water and then about a minute later I'd start to scrape! I was absolutely AMAZED at how easily and quickly the popcorn came off.... just one PROBLEM!! A HUGE MESS everywhere! I was very glad we did this before the floors went down. And in addition to a huge mess... now we have to caulk and paint the ceiling. Thankfully the rest of the house (with the exception of the den) is popcorn free! I stayed as long as time allowed and my very dedicated husband hauled his tail back to the house around 9 pm and scraped until 12:30 am. The popcorn is now gone in the kitchen and family room... now, only one room left! I think instead of pushing Justin really hard on scraping the den today, I'd rather have those 4 chairs for the living room... so, I'll let the popcorn stay in the den... I say this through clenched teeth as I great despise the stuff! Now, if you have popcorn on your ceilings, I hope you are not offended, please understand, this will be the first house (of many) that we have owned that we have actually scraped the stuff off! (Robin, Although I fully intended to come by this is why I didn't make it to your house yesterday, is it too late now?! As you can probably imagine, I would have much rather shopped than scraped!)

Erika and Chance paid us a visit last night and it was so much fun to see them. Of course, they never come without bearing gifts! Much to my delight, they came fully outfitted with 3 large antique school house pendants that they bought at an antique store in Appalachicola! I can't tell you how stinkin' excited I am about these little gems, I love them so much that I can't even smell the dead fish on them! :) Two will hang over the bar in the kitchen and one in my sewing room! They need a little TLC and some new wiring... nothing that a quick trip to the Home Depot won't fix! Thanks, sister, for the wonderful lights and for visiting with us! We can't wait to see you next weekend!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

39 Gallons of Paint on the Wall

I'm so grateful for many things regarding this new endeavor we've taken on... but most of all I'm thankful that I married a man who LOVES to work and does a great job at it! Our house has come a LONG way in 4 short weeks and I'm excited to share a few pictures with y'all! We're hoping this week to line up the floor installation, counter top installation, and have the gas line run! Should be another eventful week!

Our plan is to be very near completion in 4 more weeks and hope to be in towards the middle of November! Yea! We still have a long way to go but a LOT of paint will take you a long way... oh and a new roof... which was a major investment that no one really appreciates... not even me! Oh well! I mentioned a LOT of paint... 39 gallons is our running total so far and 15 tubes of paintable caulk! I asked the guys at the paint store this morning (my 6th trip) if I could get a discount... they laughed and told me if I'd honk my horn when I got there they'd bring it all out to me... when you have 2 babies that sounds even better than a discount!

Much to my disappointment Justin rented a stripper this weekend. She sure saved him a lot of time and she works a lot harder than I would ever consider working. With her help and the selfless help of Neal and Ryan, Saturday proved to be one of the most productive days thus far. All of the tile is out (at least in kitchen and side entry), 99% of the carpet is out, the appliances are out, the counter tops are out and the kitchen sink is out! Now, if you are wondering what the stripper looked like you'll have to check out these "before" and "4 week later" pictures. I can't call them after because I'm hoping we still have a long way to come! :)

Here's the link....

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Morgan's First O-R-E-O

It's a tad to early on a Saturday morning for a post with words... so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and I'll let the music help too... (OREO theme song!).

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Morgan in Mama's Dress

This is really just for my mom, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to show everyone else too! My mom made this dress for me (and of course Erika had one too) when I was a little girl and Morgan was so excited to wear it to school today! I had to let out the hem this morning before school so we were about 30 minutes late! But she wore it and it fit her just perfect. It's hard for me to even imagine her and Paige having daughters that can wear all the clothes I've made for them!

Oh, and in case you don't have your speakers on... turn up your volume... the great Elizabeth Mitchell is singing a sweet song about a Lady Bug Picnic... thought it was appropriate for our church picnic pictures! Anyone else who may want to add... go to and get yourself a player!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

We've Been Busy!

Monet Morgan

Justin's handy work in the house!

"Demolition Daddy"

It might be time to get some ballet slippers?

"Curious" was on this morning and "everyone" was intently watching! I couldn't resist a picture!

Mama & Morgan at picnic

Daddy & Joe took home the gold in the egg toss!

Morgan and daddy doing the egg race!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend! We had a rehearsal dinner Friday night and a wedding on Saturday. Justin did some demolition on Saturday & we watched the Auburn Tigers beat the Gators with some friends on Saturday night. War Eagle! Sunday afternoon we had a church picnic at church and had an action packed afternoon with egg tosses, egg races, tug-o-war and lots of jumping in the blow up thingies!

Last week the girls and I were headed back to the new house from Target and I was listening to HIS radio (local Christian station) and there was a pastor giving a sermon. I wasn't listening... but apparently Morgan was. From the backseat she said, "Mommy, this man is a pirate!" I figured she thought so because he had a deep voice, so I explained, "No honey, he's a pastor and he's giving a sermon!" She said, "No, I really think he's a pirate. He keeps talking about a treasure!" I laughed pretty hard as I listened to what he was preaching on... storing up your treasure in heaven! Argh matey!

Morgan is really into crafts these days; between play dough, sidewalk chalk, painting, coloring, and markers I can barely keep her occupied! I snapped a few photos of her in action! And the little Raiger thinks she's 2 and I can't keep her out of the paint and crayons too!

The new house is coming along! Not nearly as fast as I'd hope but things are happening! Justin got the wall taken down between the living room and family room, has ripped out carpet & kitchen cabinets, and has been painting too! The roofers put a new roof on last week and the painter has been there for 6 days now... but we can't seem to get him to stay past 2! He'll have to pick up the pace pretty soon! But overall we are getting excited and looking forward to being in once and for all!

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