Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Speaking of Breakfast in Bed

Erika scrounged up this photo. That's me on the left and her on right. Looks like my mom might have been better at "breakfast in bed" than I was... I'll try again sometime.

I took some video of the girls this weekend and thought I'd post it for the grandparents (and whoever else wants to see). My parents saw the girls in December and they both have changed so much since then. I thought a little video of both would give you a taste of where they are now! Hope this works... I'm still a rookie!


Erika McPherson said...

Do you always eat dinner with the nail polish remover on the table? Looks like it's part of the meal... I sure hope it's not. LOVED SEEING MY GIRLS!

Abby Maddox said...

Hey Darby! That picture is just too much fun. What a sweet memory that you are passing on. I, too, wish that Morgan and Paige could join in our tea parties. Just...ummm...4 more YEARS before we'll be in Dothan with yall. Ughh, it seems like forever.

BTW, the reason I made the rule for myself about the pictures is that our old, slow computer takes forever to upload them. I got so frustrated with how long it took when I first started blogging, that I knew I'd never blog if I had to wait on all those pics. However, I do agree that it adds a lot more to the story, and I certainly love to see all of yours.

I laughed about the fingernail polish remover too :) Always good over mashed potatoes.

Darby Stickler said...

We use nail polish remover instead of salad dressing. Once you get past the bitter acetone taste it's really rather tasty-- I just always make sure it's the berry scented!