Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Can't Resist!

I can't resist sharing pictures of my Fairy Princesses from last night. There are several pictures... feel free to scroll through them!! As you will see there are a lot more of Paiger... she tends to hold still and be an easier target of the camera; I'm trying to find the positive in this not walking yet business. She can push her stroller, as you will see!! We went to church for the Fall Festival and had a wonderful time. We somehow managed to make it home with NO candy. Morgan didn't even know they were giving it out and spent most of her time in the "jumpy" things. We were so thankful to not have to endure the "candy battle" when we got home!


Robin said...

So cute!!!I know you had a good time. Robin

erika said...

i love my fairy princesses!!!!

Cameron said...

Darby--- I'm glad you "can't resist" sharing because I love to look (good break from work!)!!

The Hamilton's said...

Super cute! It was freezing here but they tell me that we usually get snow on Halloween. I guess I should be greatful. Hope ya'll are doing ok.
Stephanie H.

The Pavliches said...

How cute! I had 2 fairy princesses too, and it is too funny because Jaeda and Morgan wore the exact same dress!
Thanks for sharing!

The Nebrigs said...

Darby, It is a small Blog world. I met Lucy and Lauren at church here in fairhope. I actually met Robin once in passing, while she was in town. Good to have a face with a name. It is funny who knows who on here. By the way, your fairy princesses are the cutest ones I have ever seen!!

erika said...

i'm waiting for walking Raiger photos or better yet VIDEO!

Dena said...

So cute - I don't know how you came home candyless! that is amazing!