Friday, June 1, 2007

More Memorial Day Pictures

Chris & Kara took much better pictures than I did! Here's the link to theirs! Thanks for sharing, Chris & Kara! I enjoyed your perspective... not too many of the babies! I think you did a better job of capturing the weekend than I did!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures Darby!!! I need to get more sophisticated and do the same(and nah, we didn't take better pictures, just had the opportunity to take more boat pictures). I was hoping there were a few keepers in there. That one Kara took of Reed is absolutely precious. Kara and i really enjoyed the weekend, and thanks to you and Carl for letting us come.

Chris said...

forgot to sign my name above

Erika McPherson said...

Great pictures Chris & Kara! The water was so clear I can't believe it! Did you get in sister? I think Raiger is looking more like Morgie all the time... so precious!