Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mornin' "Reader" Readers!

I've had my coffee but apparently it hasn't reached my fingertips yet.

You "google reader" readers will probably get 2 of these! :) Oops!

Hope you all have a splendid Wednesday.

These little bright-colored gems are what I've been up to this morning... can you smell them? I promise you they smell delightful.


mommasissy said...

i can smell them. my coffee hasn't reached my fingertips yet either. so that's all i can say.
i have a birthday boy in the house so I gotta make b'fast... wish i had those roses for the table.
they are gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Oh, sad - I thought for sure I would be your first "reader" reader to respond! Considering I am here at the office so darn early - but, alas, your sister beat me to the punch. Beautiful flowers! I can't wait to post pictures of my containers and new "Pottery Barn-like" creations! I am loving the spring gardening season =)

THE WRIGHT'S said...

Beautiful roses, and I must admit that I appreciate your and Erika's (aka Mammasissy) relationship! Gosh, what friends I can tell you girls are through comments and posts. Praise the Lord that you two have such a genuine relationship in sisters and friends!
Love you girls!
P.S. Darbs :), get some rest and show us your sewing goodies when you have some time!

Cousin said...

Hey D bone! I love the roses! I have a little rose garden of my own going. I was inspired by you and your green thumb. I have some double knock outs going in my backyard:) Enjoying some coffee getting ready to take Hank to the vet. Talk to you soon! Love, Cous

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...I've never been successful with roses but am enjoying gardening. I've already clipped some gardenias this season that smell delightful. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Flowers! From your garden? I bet they smell marvelous!

The Birds Nest said...

Beautiful!! You know from my post that I love fresh flowers. I think I will do roses next year. I have lots of plans for my new yard:)

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