Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

Justin and the girls braved the chilly waters (70 degrees) and got in the pool last night! Morgan's been wanting to get in... Mommy's too wimpy... thank goodness for BRAVE and TOUGH daddy! For all of you who haven't been to Walmart to purchase the $8 bathing suit... maybe these pictures will convince you to do so!

I've been working on another renovation post. Should be up this afternoon... if all goes as planned! :) Happy Hump Day to all my blogging friends!


Household6 said...

it looks very cold ;0)


THE WRIGHT'S said...

You and your family are beautiful.
I'm VERY cold-natured, so I would NOT have gotten in the pool either...not until it gets to bath-type temp. :)
Happy Hump Day to you, girl.

simply seleta said...

Wow, what a cool bubble feature!

chilly said...

Looks like fun - Also how great is it that you have a pool!

erika said...

sweet angels! i wish i could have been there... on the sidelines.

The Birds Nest said...

Ohmygravy! I don't even have a child yet and I want to go out a get one of those precious $8 bathing suits. Those girls couldn't possibly be any cuter!!

Lisa said...

It looks like Paige is going to take after her momma when it comes to getting into the water!! She speaks my language. I have to practically be sweating to get into the pool! I have a little girl who is cold blooded too, it hurts just thinking about cold pool water...or any body of water :)

Dena said...

Super fun! the bathing suits are precious! I can't wait to get in the pool - can you say TAN?

LeslieW. said...

Brrrr! I don't brave ours until the end of May at least! Even when it's hot the water is still chilly! Abby did get to go in a friends hot tub last week that was just warm. She was in it for 2 hours and refuse to come out! I do love that suit, hope there's some left by the time I make it there!