Friday, April 25, 2008

Patty Cake, Patty Cake... Clap & Play!

the girls in their jammies (w/Rabbit & Carol and Morgan holding her ticket)
Mom, she also insisted on wearing her slippers and camisole (like "Mom" does!)

Who knew that Miss Patty Cake was such a HIT? I really think there were over 1,000 people there! I'm not sure who was more excited, the girls or J & I!? We had a ton of fun and we will certainly go again if she comes back next year! We hope she will. Morgan wanted to wait afterwards and tell Miss Patty Cake that she enjoyed it but the line was SO long. We opted for a Sonic treat instead and had a wonderful evening together as a family... until Paige dumped her entire "Strawberry CreamSlush" in her lap in the car seat! So, guess what I've been doing today!? Taking apart and reassembling the car seat! Oh well! It was fun regardless of the mess!

Anyone have any tips for a sore throat? I've had one for...hmmm... 14 days now!? It's no fun and I know a lot of it has to do with sinus issues. I laid in bed yesterday afternoon for 2 hours and tried not to swallow... why is it when you don't want to swallow all you can think of is swallowing?! It's kinda like being nauseous and all you can think of is McRib sandwiches {barf!}! :)

We have a low-key weekend planned around here and I'm hoping to just relax! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Y'all be patient with me on the Tastebook... I haven't gotten very far and hopefully I can get it out in the next week or two!


erika - urban grace interiors said...

OH MY! I wish I could have gone with you!!!!! GO MISS PATTY CAKE!
So precious and sweet!

Jessica Billings said...

so cute :) I think I would rather have a fever and the flu than have a sore throat... I think they're the worst things - I never feel like drinking or eating anything. My mom always used to tell me to drink lots of liquids (even though I hate it), gargle with warm salt water, eat/drink things with lots of vitamin c, take echinacea (an herb - not sure if you can take it being pregnant??)...also I've heard of making this:
- 2 tablespoons of honey
- 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
- 6 - 8 oz. hot water
- Stir until the honey has dissolved. Sweeten to taste.

never tried it though. I hope something helps though!

Lindsey said...

My niece and nephew told me all a/b Miss Paty Cake tonight. They had a ball. My SIL had a good time too.:)

Lily Bean and Little C said...

Hi Darby,
we all went to see Miss PattyCake today in Thomasville. I know that I Loved it as much as Lily and Caroline did. Thank you for introducing us to her DVD's!!

Love Ya,

Laura said...

Looks like fun! Wish she'd come here!
Also, try grinding up some Advil, dissolving them in warm water and gargling. Don't swallow, though!

Anonymous said...

advil not advised for pregnancy

THE WRIGHT'S said...

I'm sorry your throat's been bothering you, Darby. Hmmm...could you give your symptoms to your pharmacist and have him/her suggest something? That's truly what I do, and they're usually right on!
I hope you start feeling better soon, girl.